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It was lovely to meet you yesterday, thank you for your hospitality and warmth. I truly enjoyed the event, it was professional, well organised and you clearly are extremely successful at what you do.
Tracy Waddacor
World Class Service Ltd
Helen & Russell Bennett are incredibly kind, helpful and and insightful people and The Business Network has helped me connect with other like-minded people and communicate with people from top businesses nationwide. A big thank you to both Helen and Russell for their amazing work!
Hugh Murthwaite
Joining The Business Network was one of the best moves I ever made. Through The Business Network, I have found a number of trusted suppliers and some very good customers. Not only that but the complimentary morning seminars are a valuable source of information on business trends and ideas.
Ian Smith
Winning Tenders Ltd
The Business Network Exeter is one of several business networks that I've attended in the South West and it is by far the best in my opinion. Helen and Russell are the perfect hosts and provide access to an extensive national network of businesses. There are both virtual meetups and (in non-COVID times) face to face meet-ups at various venues. The meetings include plenty of opportunity to meet and chat to other business owners and some great, insightful presentations from members, as well as a tasty lunch. I would recommend The Business Network Exeter to any business owner who is looking to extend their network both within and beyond the region.
Richard Wain
Vu Online Ltd
I absolutely loved the meeting and cannot wait to attend another one. Thank you so much for being a great host. The format was great.
Emma Friendship-Kilburn
Winning Tenders Ltd
Thanks once again for organising such a wonderful day for us all yesterday; some great meetings and contacts made.
Lorraine Sarsby
Bushey Promotions
Helen and Russell are lovely and incredibly supportive. I have generated plenty of business through the Network but even if I hadn't, the company, networking and learning would have made it worthwhile being a member just by themselves!
Sarah White
Sarah White - Virtual Assistant
The Business Network is one of the best events I have ever experienced as a first time visitor. The warm welcome made it even more enjoyable.
Richard Woods
The Business Network is the perfect forum for forging new long term professional relationships leading to increased sales and mutually beneficial business. It is great to be part of such an active team of members all assisting one another in such a proactive and effective way ably led by a fabulous leadership focused on developing new business generation which would otherwise not happen.
Simon Martin
Power Solutions UK Ltd
Every time I come to one of your events I have a fun and very fruitful time. Thank you again for creating a fantastic environment for us all to build relationships.
Will Kintish
Kintish Networking Skills
Having had the privilege of speaking at two of The Business Network events I only need one word to describe how they are organised, promoted and staged - BRILLIANT!
Michael Heppell
Michael Heppell Ltd
Having attending The Business Network in person and online events for nearly two years I would recommend anyone who wants to grow their network to join and get involved. I have met some amazing business people and created lasting personal and business connections! Helen and Russell are amazing at connecting people and put on really special events!
Rosie O'Neill
Marsh Commercial
I joined The Business Network Manchester over a year ago and took the time to get to know the network Members there. After about 5 months we won our first contract, and since then we’ve generated a constant flow of referrals and met many new decision makers and business contacts. It’s not just been the attendees that we’ve worked with, they have suggested our services to their contacts, so its networking in the real sense of the word. Helen is very active in ensuring that there are always new attendees and the group runs at a very healthy level each month. Its also great fun and thoroughly enjoyable.
Vicki Culverhouse
Helen and Russell are genuinely the nicest, best connected, high level introducers. The events are fun, interesting and full of like minded business owners and influencers. They care and are able to join the dots enabling fantastic collaborations to develop. At Olympus Power we have benefited and helped in equal measure which I believe are their core values of trust and integrity of the network. Keep up the fine work.
Simon Vassall
Olympus Power
I thought the event was extremely well organised and all of the guests engaging.
Paul Colder
Evac Chair International Ltd
In the four years since Rame Marketing has been trading, the Exeter based Business Network is by far the best networking event I've attended and I'd recommend joining to any ambitious, forward looking business.
Andrew Walker
Rame Marketing
Vu have been a part of the EBN for several years now and have found the network full of highly engaging professionals and organisations. Russell & Helen have set the standard for engagement by meeting and connecting us with useful businesses across the country, and keep a professional yet personal tone and format to lunchtime networking. Recently (due to Covid19) we have had to transition to online meetings, this has allowed our Exeter network to become a national network with the combination of 3 local networks across the UK, and the format has been really engaging and interactive compared to other online networking groups I have attended.
Dom Cooper
Vu Online Ltd
Helen, it’s always very uplifting attending your luncheons and thanks again for a great year of networking.
Mark Brocklehurst
Sharples Group Ltd
You run a tight, professional show - there is no other network organisation like it!
Ian Rothwell
R W Learning Ltd
A really warm, friendly and welcoming network for both experienced and new networkers. Helen and Russell are fantastic at connecting people and always put on a fantastic event allowing members to get the most of their membership. We thoroughly recommend this network to all business decision makers wanting to make new connections in a truly supportive environment
Stephanie D'Albiac-Reay
Labyrinth Computers Ltd
Please let me congratulate you on the quality of the event, it was extremely interesting, well-co-ordinated with a really great diversity of professionals.
Nathan Monshin
Spherical International Operations
Thanks again for enabling an atmosphere where it is so easy to meet the right sort of people and do business.
Carole Fossey
I use business networking extensively to build new business and so I come across all types of Networking Companies. To say that Helen Bennett's Business Network stands head and shoulders above the rest is only telling it how it is. The format is excellent and relaxing which get the best out of everyone and the added bonus is Helen's personality and attention to detail. I can heartily recommend Business Network.
Moray Newberry
Monitor Marketing Ltd
The reason that I am joining The Network is quite simply you have an excellent model, and having attended many networking events I feel that yours is by far the best structured to actually achieve outcomes for the members.
Lisa Styles
Corporate Accountancy Solutions Ltd
Helen, You run such a great network event it is always easy to refer people to it.
Alison Jolliffe
SW Business Support Solutions Ltd
The whole event was inspirational.
Maggie Ford
Spring Rites Speaking Skills
I have been a Business Network Member for many years, probably over 10 years now. When I first joined the Network it was unique. It was a relaxed and yet structured environment in which to meet like minded business people who were keen to build long standing relationships rather than score a quick sale. A huge contribution to the success of the network is owner Helen Bennett, and her handpicked franchisees who run the satellite events in other towns and cities. Helen never forgets a face, a name, a connection, and she is constantly on the lookout not only for referrals to the members but also new members to keep network fresh and relevant. I have obtained significant referrals from Network members, and have purchased services from members with great success. Even if there is not a member in your branch that can help, Helen will know someone who can. Quite simply, the original and best.
Helen Brown
Slater Heelis LLP
A dynamic business network group. Lots of opportunities to meet and development business relationships with a diverse group of like minded business people. Helen and Russell Bennett, who run the group, work tirelessly to make every meeting special and beneficial for all. I highly recommend this group!
Gavin Ball
Gavin Ball Later Life Planning
Probably best networking event I have been too and I have attended a fair few.
Sarah Summers
WBW Solicitors LLP
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John Cato
Nexa Law Limited
Thank you to everyone who attended the Seminar. It was an absolute pleasure to meet everyone and I'm pleased that you found it helpful. If you need any advice or pointers please get in contact and I will try and help you as much as I can. Helen, thank you very much for your help and support and I still maintain that the Business Network is the premium Networking proposition in the market. Your events are streets ahead of other groups I have attended. Thank you for making them so interesting.
Fareeda Jaleel
FRJ Business and Marketing Solutions
Over the years I have been to many types of business networks including sector targeted events, however I now choose to only go to one - The Business Network Manchester. This is a coherent, friendly and excellent way to network and offers long lasting relationships. I find its an efficient use of my time and I always look forward to monthly event. Helen is always a great inspiration and ready to offer a helping hand and introductions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the network.
Sarah Carlick
The Athena Programme
I have to say The Business Network really does stand out from other networking groups and events. The dedication, commitment and professionalism that comes from your lead and direction attracts like-minded business people who are keen to talk and share ideas as opposed to paying lip service!
Liz Kendall
UKS Health Group Ltd
What a great networking group! Many thanks for such an enjoyable lunch meeting yesterday, I was made to feel most welcome and everyone was very friendly, so the networking vibe was excellent. I have to say the quality of the food was superb too. All in all, a very good experience.
Ann Snell
Complete Business Solutions Ltd
It is personal touches like this which set the Network aside from other business networks and which make it a constant pleasure to attend.
Stephen Singer
Infralogics Limited
You definitely run the best networking group in the area.
Emma Clarke
WBW Solicitors LLP
The Business Network in Exeter and elsewhere is unfailingly supportive of business. A great place to make new contacts and cement business relationships. I would recommend this network both to new and established businesses.
Maureen Cable
Helpline Limited

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