Member offers

"A complimentary review for any Business Network Member's of their estate planning needs and circumstances. Call me on 07580 361 412 to arrange."

Gavin Ball, APS Legal & Associates

"A Complimentary Financial Information Audit. I have delivered several of these audits which have highlighted that some businesses are either not recording enough information or not using the financial information that they have. The audit isn?t about checking that your accounts are correct but more about finding out what the financial information that you have says about what?s going on in your business ? what?s working and what?s not and whether you have the right information to be able to confidently make good decisions about the future. Please contact me on 07801 199 671 to arrange one for your business. "

Susie Kevern, Pound Lane

"April special offer. Complimentary first quarter's monitoring for any pendant alarm installed for a network members' family or friend this month. Please call me on 03458 247 999 to arrange."

Maureen Cable, Helpline Limited

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Come and join us at


Wednesday 8th May

Exeter Racecourse 12 Noon - 2.00 pm

What members and guests say

"Thanks once again for organising such a wonderful day for us all yesterday; some great meetings and contacts made."

Lorraine Sarsby
Bushey Promotions

"I thought the event was extremely well organised and all of the guests engaging."

Paul Colder
Evac Chair International Ltd